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Transferring Emails from one Gmail Account to Another

Transferring emails from one Gmail Account to another is easy, here’s how:

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Whether you’re migrating from a work Gmail address to a personal one or would like to change your Gmail username, you may wonder: Is it possible to transfer your emails from one gmail account to another? While keeping your folders & labels? The answer is “YES” and in this tutorial, we’ll show you how the transfer can be done easily!

Advantages of this tutorial

As you perhaps might know from a quick Google search, there are many different approaches for transferring emails from one Gmail account to another. We’ve tested many of them and came up with this solution, which proved to be the most convenient way to transfer your Gmail emails.

Transferring emails from one Gmail account to another – advantages of our approach:

✓ no downtime
automated forwarding after the migration
✓ no bothering with and trouble shooting of the Gmail migration tool
fast, reliable and convenient
✓ works with mailboxes of any size, even really big ones
no technical knowledge required

Video Tutorial:

Not in the mood to read the instructions? You can also view this tutorial as Youtube video:

Transferring emails form one Gmail account to another
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"My mailbox migration is complete and it is commendable that MailJerry outperformed all the migration softwares in the market including Google's own which was really pathetic.

MailJerry Subscriber, Oman

Step 01: Prepare your Gmail accounts for the email migration

In order to transfer your emails from your old Gmail account to a new one, you need to enable IMAP and generate an app password for your Gmail accounts:

1. Login to your old Gmail account and click on Settings (gear icon in the top right corner ) > See all settings.

2. Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP. In the section IMAP access, select Enable IMAP.

Migrate Email to Gmail: Enable IMAP

Now you need to generate an app password for your Gmail account. With the app password, transferring emails from one Gmail account to another can be done with the help of an email migration tool:

3. Click on the account icon (your profile picture) and choose Manage your Google Account.

4. On the left hand, select Security and scroll down to 2-Step-Verification.

5. Set 2-Step-Verification to ON, click on App passwords and authenticate with your account again (a security precaution by Google).

ℹ️ Don’t see the option “App passwords”?
Follow this link to create an app password:

6. Generate your app password: Under Select app and device, choose Mail and enter your device (e.g. Windows). Click on the button Generate.

Google now shows your new app password. Copy this password and save it, you will need it in a few seconds!

Repeat Step 1-6 for your new Gmail account and save the app password for the new account as well!

Step 02: Start transferring emails from one Gmail account to another

Now that both Gmail accounts are set up, it’s time to start transferring your emails from one gmail account to another:

1. Download and install the MailJerry email migration tool for Windows, Mac OS, iOS or Android or start your migration directly in the browser.

2. Go to Migrations and enter the following credentials:

Username: your Gmail email address (e.g.
Password: the app password you just created for the respective account

3. Click on Check Settings, wait until both of your accounts were checked and click on Start your Migration.

🎉 That’s it! 🎉
All you need to do now is wait until your migration finished. Depending on the size and amount of your emails, your email migration might take some time. But don’t worry: You can use both email accounts in the meantime, all necessary tasks will automatically be performed by the email migration tool.

Tip: In case you still receive new emails in your old Gmail account after the migration, activate the Auto sync in the MailJerry mailbox migration tool. All emails received after the migration will now automatically be forwarded to your new Gmail address!

Summary & Troubleshooting

As you’ve seen, transferring emails from one Gmail account to another is very easy and can be done in no time. This approach works for small and very large mailboxes and allows you to sync your emails after the initial migration.In case you encounter any troubles, have a look at our Gmail FAQ section.