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As any web developer, system administrator and web hosting provider knows, there are many cases where a domain is poorly configured and you need to figure out what’s going on first.

For these scenarios, we want to share our 5 favourite, free domain tools that will make your work with any domain easier and faster. The tools are completely free and require no registration or account creation.

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Top 5 Domain Tool Recommendations

Domain Scanner: Identify Issues With Your Domain

Top 5 Domain Tool Recommendations: Easydmarc
Easydmarc Domain Scanner identifies issues with your domain.

Easydmarc Domain Scanner is a very handy tool that helps you to identify many problems with your domain, especially when it comes to email delivery problems. Simply enter your domain, click “Scan Now” and you will get the scan result for your domain within seconds.

The free domain tool analyses your domain’s DMARC, SPF, DKIM and BIMI settings and displays the results in a very user-friendly, intuitive summary. Additionally, the domain tool provides hints for each problem that was found and helps you to easily resolve it.

Subdomains Lookup

Top 5 Domain Tool Recommendations: Subdomains Lookup
Subdomain lookup for your domain

Have you ever migrated a domain for your company or a client and didn’t know how many subdomains existed? Next time, a quick search with WhoisXMLAPI’s subdomain lookup tool will answer this question for you.

The tool lists all existing subdomains of a specific domain and provides a very convenient download feature that exports the result as JSON file. Find the Owner of a Domain

Top 5 Domain Tool Recommendations: Find the owner & technical admin for any domain.

Old, but good – that’s The free domain tool provides you with information and, in most cases, contact details of the domain owner, registrant, and technical administrator of a domain. This is especially useful when you need to migrate a domain to a new web space and you don’t know by whom the domain is owned or who is the technical contact.

bwrite 301 Redirects Generator

Top 5 Domain Tool Recommendations: bwrite 301 redirects
Bwrite redirects generator creates 301 redirects for you

Be it due to the migration to a new webspace, a website relaunch or a content audit, web developers and system administrators are often asked to add 301 redirects to a website’s .htaccess file.

Yes, we can all add 301 redirects to a .htaccess manually. Yes, it’s much cooler to write some “code” than use a tool. But let’s be honest: Once you get a friendly request from your SEO partner to quickly add a “few” (usually meaning: many) redirects, you’ll love the bwrite 301 redirect generator:

Compared to many other free htaccess generators, the bwrite tool convinces with its easy-to-use user interface. In our opinion, it’s the fastest tool to generate many 301 redirects at once. Just add the old URLs in the left column, paste the new URLs in the right column, and click “Generate .htaccess code”. Copy the result, add it to your .htaccess and – voila – you’re done.

MxToolbox Email Health Check: Solve Email Delivery Problems

Top 5 Domain Tool Recommendations: MxToolbox
MxToolbox: Check the health of your email system!

Last but not least, the MxToolbox Email Health Check. This is the most convenient free domain tool we’ve been using here at MailJerry: If you’re having trouble sending emails, the MxToolbox is your go-to-tool to check the health of your email system.

The free domain tool executes hundreds of domain, email, network and server performance tests to make sure all of your systems are online and performing optimally.

The domain tool returns the results in an easy to understand overview and highlights critical problems for your domain that need to be resolved.

In addition to the email health check, the MxToolbox SuperTool provides a huge selection of lookup tools for every possible scenario. These are our favourites:

  • MX Lookup: Retrieve your domain’s MX records.
  • DNS Lookup: Displays all DNS settings for your domain, including hostname, IP address, and TTL.
  • DMARC Lookup: A convenient overview of your domain DMARC settings.

So if you’re having trouble with email delivery, MxToolbox is the place to go!

We hope you found our top 5 domain tool recommendations useful. If you wish to share your own tool recommendations, head over to your reddit community!

And as always, in case you need to migrate mailboxes, we’d be happy if you give our free email migration tool a shot! 👍