Switch Website & Server Migration: Free Checklists

Webspace & Email Migration:

Download the Checklist!

From Domain to Database – download our tried & tested checklists
so you won’t forget a single task! What you get:

  • Our complete checklist for migrating email accounts, webspace and all server data.
  • Our much-loved webspace migration worksheet you can fill out easily to measure your progress.
  • From preparation to execution: Migrate your data with our tested three step migration workflow.
  • Thick of the boxes and your webspace is switched in no time!
Switch Website & Server Migration: Free Checklists
The bundle contains:
➡️ email migration checklist
➡️ webspace migration checklist
➡️ domain access data checklist
➡️ our tested three step webspace migration workflow
You’ll get:
– all checklists as interactive PDF
– all checklists as Excel file
– all checklists as Numbers file

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