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Outlook Email Settings for iCloud: Get the IMAP & SMTP Settings for iCloud

Looking for the Outlook email settings for iCloud? Have a look at the following settings to add your iCloud account to your Outlook email client!

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Outlook Email Settings for iCloud: Get the IMAP, SMTP & POP Settings for iCloud
Last verified: Sep 2023

Outlook Email Settings for iCloud: Add your iCloud Account to Outlook

Using an iCloud email account in your Outlook email client brings the best of both worlds together. With seamless integration, you can enjoy the reliability, security, and storage capacity of iCloud while leveraging the robustness, flexibility, and familiar interface of Outlook. This combination allows for efficient management of emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks within a single platform. Adding your iCloud email account to Outlook is very easy if you have the right Outlook email settings for iCloud. Therefore, have a look at the settings below to find the current iCloud email settings!


Outlook Email Settings for iCloud: Simple Setup in Your Outlook Email Client

In order to effortlessly configure your iCloud email account in Outlook (or any other email client), it's important to have the correct IMAP and SMTP settings provided by iCloud. Refer to the table below for the necessary iCloud email settings.


Outlook Email Settings for iCloud: Setup iCloud in Outlook via IMAP

Simply add your iCloud email address in Outlook (or any other email software) with the recommended IMAP settings:

Comcast IMAP
IMAP Port993
IMAP SecuritySSL
Username Your iCloud email address (e.g.
Password Your password


SMTP Server: Outlook Email Settings For iCloud

To be able to send emails in Outlook using your iCloud account, make sure to include the following iCloud email settings for outgoing emails in Outlook.

Comcast IMAP
IMAP Port587
IMAP SecuritySSL
Requires Authentication
Username Your iCloud email address (e.g.
Password Your password


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iCloud does not support POP3

Unfortunately, iCloud does not support POP. Therefore, no POP Outlook email settings for iCloud do exist. But don't worry, in most cases, IMAP is the better solution over POP anyway!

Comcast IMAP Server
IMAP Security
Username Your iCloud email address
Password Your iCloud password


Is IMAP Better Than POP?

In most cases: Yes! POP usually is the better option when running short on disk space. But disk space is not a problem when using iCloud, since Apple iCloud provides a lot of mail storage for every mailbox. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of IMAP.

Benefits of IMAP:

  • Email Synchronization
  • Offline access
  • Server-side storage
  • Advanced mailbox management
  • Efficient email retrieval


Migrate Emails From / To iCloud:

You created a new iCloud email address and wish to add your old emails to your new account?
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Migrating your emails from or to iCloud is a very simply task. All you need is a migration tool like MailJerry and your iCloud email account credentials. So let's start!

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➡️ In the fields Existing Address, select the account type and enter the email credentials for the email account that contains your email data.
➡️ In the section New Address, enter the IMAP settings for your new email account (e.g. the iCloud email settings stated above).
➡️ Now start your migration by clicking on Start Migration.

Wait until your email migration from / or to iCloud finished.
🎉 That's it! You can now access your old emails in your new email account!