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Are you looking for the current email settings? Look no further! Below, you'll find all settings for IMAP, POP and SMTP!

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Last verified: Jun 2024

Do Email Addresses Still Work?

Originally launched as Windows Live Mail back in 2005, was rebranded to But does this mean that is outdated? No, of course not! Microsoft still operates all email accounts using their platform. Therefore, yes, you can still use your email address as it will continue to work as expected.

However, what you cannot do is sign up new email accounts using If you wish to rely on Microsoft's server platform, for small accounts, the cooperation now offers email accounts via

➡️ In case you still use a email address and wish to add it your email client, any other email software, or an email migration tool, simply scroll down to the current IMAP, SMTP and POP settings!


Current Email Settings

Though was rebranded to, Microsoft still operates all email accounts. Therefore, if you wish to add your email address to an email client or migrate your emails from to another server, simply use the current settings listed below! Email Settings: Setup Account via IMAP

To be able to send emails, fill out the section "incoming email" in your email client using the following IMAP settings:

IMAP Port993
IMAP SecuritySSL / TLS
Username Your email address
Password Your password Email Settings: Outgoing Emails via SMTP

To send emails from your email client using your email address, add the following SMTP settings in your email client's section for "outgoing emails":

SMTP Port587
Username Your email address
Password Your password Email Settings: Setup Account via POP

In case you prefer to use POP instead of IMAP, refer to these POP settings:

POP Port995
POP SecuritySSL
Username Your email address
Password Your password


Should I use POP or IMAP?

That's a frequent question! If you configure your email account with POP3, your emails will be fetched from the server and saved on your device. This allows you to access your emails even when you're offline. In addition, you can reduce the disk space used on the mail server and therefore avoid running out of storage capacity in your email account by using POP instead of IMAP.

However, if you use multiple devices to access your email account, you will only be able to view your emails on the device where you initially downloaded them. If you prefer to read your emails across multiple devices, IMAP is the better choice.


Migrate Your Emails from / to

Are you not satisfied with anymore? Do you wish to use another email provider? Or do you have emails you wish to consolidate in your mailbox? Then the only things you need are a reliable migration tool like MailJerry and your account credentials:

➡️ Download our email migrator or start your migration directly in the browser.

➡️ Launch MailJerry and select "New Migration".

➡️ Select the account type and fill in the email credentials for your existing email account in the "Existing Address" fields.

➡️ In the "New Address" section, select Microsoft / Office 365 as account type, enter your email address and connect with your account (or vice versa, depending on the direction of the data migration).

➡️ Click on "Check Settings" to verify that everything is set up correctly and begin your migration by clicking on "Start Migration."

Wait for the email migration from / to to complete.

🎉 Congratulations! You can now access your previous emails in your new email account!