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How to Transfer Mail Address to a New Domain for Your Clients

Your client got a new domain and you wonder how to transfer the existing mail addresses to the new domain? Follow this tutorial and you are done in no time!

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It’s a common scenario: you’ve created a stunning website for your client and they now want a personalized email address with their custom domain name. This is typically a simple task, but it becomes trickier when the client also wants their old emails migrated to the new mailbox. The good news is that transferring emails to a mailbox with a custom domain name is actually quite easy!

How to Transfer Mail Addresses to a Custom Domain: Domain Setup

Preparing beforehand is crucial to ensure a smooth email migration for your clients. Here is a checklist of what data you’ll need before transferring your clients’ emails to a new mailbox with a custom domain name:

First, get this information:
  1. A list of all the mailboxes that require migration

  2. Access credentials for the existing mailboxes (username, password, mail servers).

  3. Access credentials for the new mailboxes.

  4. Access credentials for the domain admin panel.
Now, setup the new domain:
  1. Log in to the domain admin panel.

  2. Open the DNS / MX settings and add the IP address of the new mail server to the DNS settings. You will most likely also need to set the MX record to point to the new server.

  3. Set the TTL (time-to-live) to the lowest possible value (usually 300). The TTL is the amount of time it takes until the existing DNS records are refreshed.

ℹ️ If you are unsure about how to configure the DNS/MX settings properly, search for “dns mx mail settings [new provider name]” on Google or contact the new provider. They will be happy to send you the correct records.

ℹ️ In case you can’t change the TTL for the DNS settings, its advisable to wait 24h hours before starting the migration. By doing so, you ensure that all the records are updated correctly once you start the migration.

Create the new mailboxes – if they don’t already exist

If the new mailboxes have not been created yet, log in to the control panel of the new web space or server and create the necessary mailboxes. If you don’t have access to the web space, simply ask your client or hosting provider to create the mailboxes for you.

Get things done more quickly!

➡️ Download our email migration checklist and send it to your customer. Have them complete the “Checklist: Email Migration” form (Checklist-Email-Migration.pdf) and the “Checklist: Domain Access Data” (Checklist-Domain-Access-Data.pdf) form and you’ll have all the data conveniently at hand.

How to Transfer Mail Address: Free Checklists
Download the email migration checklist & domain access data form!
How to Transfer Mail Addresses Stress-Free: For you and your customer!
Many clients can become anxious when it comes to changes to their email system. To prevent this, take a proactive approach by communicating beforehand what is going to happen. Reassuring your customers minimises the chances of receiving panicked phone calls or emails. 😉➡️ Copy this email template, paste it into a new email, fill out the blanks and hit send.

Now that you have these steps in place, you’re halfway to your goal! Let’s proceed to migrate those emails where they belong!

How to Transfer Mail Addresses to a Custom Domain: The Migration

Follow these steps to migrate your clients emails to the new mail server:

  1. Download & open the MailJerry app or open the Webapp at Now click on “New Migration”

  2. Enter the login credentials for both the old and new accounts for the first mailbox.
How to Transfer Mail Address: Starting the Migration
Insert the credentials for the existing and new address.
  1. Click on “Check Settings”.

  2. Activate “Synchronize Emails for 10 days” option in the summary. 

  3. Select on “Start your Migration”.
How to Transfer Mail Address: Activate Sync
Activate the Auto-Sync to keep the new mailbox up to date.

➡️ While the first migration is in progress, click on “New Migration” (located at the upper-right corner of the app) and repeat steps 2-5 for each mailbox that requires migration.

How to Transfer Mail Address: Start New Migration
Start the migration for the next mailbox while the first one is running.

Completion of Email Migrations and Next Steps:

Once all email migrations are finished, you will see a green checkmark (✅) in the overview of the MailJerry app.

How to transfer email accounts: Migration for client finished!
Your clients' mailbox transfer finished successfully!

💌 It’s time to inform your clients of the good news.

Use our email template to provide your customers with the login credentials for their new mailboxes and urge them to start using them within 7 days.

🤔 Why 7 days, you might be wondering? The MailJerry app’s auto-sync feature runs for 10 days, allowing you some additional time if your client forgets to switch to their new account.

Congratulations, that’s it! 🎉 You successfully migrated your customers emails to a new mailbox with custom domain name. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

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