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Frequently asked questions concerning the email transfer, features, subscriptions & pricing of the MailJerry app

Your Email Migration

Does MailJerry work with Gmail?

Yes, MailJerry is compatible with Gmail. However, in order to be able to establish a connection, you must change the settings of your account. For details, see Transferring Emails from or to your Gmail Account.

Does the app work with Outlook?

Yes, if you chose „IMAP“ in your account settings, MailJerry can migrate your emails from or to the email address registered in Outlook.

I have an exchange account. Can I use MailJerry to transfer my mailbox?

Of course! MailJerry is compatible with all exchange accounts.

Does the app work with POP accounts?

Unfortunately no. The MailJerry app can only transfer IMAP and Exchange accounts.

Does MailJerry work with all email providers?

Sure, as long as you are using IMAP for your account, MailJerry works with all providers.

What is IMAP?

IMAP („Internet Message Access Protocol“) is a protocol that allows you to store your emails on a mailserver. This means, that your email data is not stored on your computer or mobile device, but on a server. Thanks to IMAP, you can access the same emails on multiple devices.

Can I only transfer parts of my mailbox or a selection of emails?

At the moment, MailJerry migrates all data contained in your mailbox. If you wish to transfer only a selection of emails, we kindly ask you remove all unneeded emails from your current mailbox (e.g. store or archive the data locally or copy the emails to a POP account).

My new mail box already contains emails. Can I still use the app?

Of course! Before each migration, MailJerry performs a health check and checks whether your mailbox already contains data. If so, you will be informed and can cancel the migration or let MailJerry add the emails to the receiving mailbox. Emails that are already contained in the receiving inbox will under no circumstances be deleted.

My mailbox is extremely large. Is there anything I can do to reduce the data amount?

There are several ways to reduce the size of your mailbox before starting your email migration with our email migration tool:

  • archive or delete large attachments (e.g. large image files, PDFs, Word documents etc.)

  • archive old emails locally on your computer or store them in a POP mailbox

  • delete files contained in the trash of your mail program

  • delete all data or parts of the „send messages“ folder

Does MailJerry sync my accounts after the email migration?

Yes, if you activate the option „Sync my Emails“ in the MailJerry app, all emails received in your old mailbox will be automatically migrated to your new mailbox after the transfer. The email sync is available for all paid licenses.

With a one time migration license, you can sync your emails for up to 3 days, subscription customers can sync mailboxes for a period of up to 10 days. Of course, you can deactivate the sync any time.

How can I contact the MailJerry support?

We are always happy to help! For questions concerning the app, general questions and support with your mailbox transfer, please contact us at

Mailbox Syncronization

Can I synchronize my mailboxes after the mailbox migration?

Yes! The email sync is available for all customers with a 24h license or a subscription.

How can I enable the mailbox sync?

After the migration, go to „Overview“ and click on the migration you wish to synchronize. Below the migration details, you’ll find the section „Settings“ where you can enable the option „Synchronize Emails“.


After you enabled the sync, all new emails received in your old mailbox will be automatically transferred to your target mailbox.


The sync is performed every three hours for a maximum duration of 3 days (24h license) or 10 days (subscription).

How often are my mailboxes synced after I enabled the email sync feature?

If you enable the option „Synchronize Emails“ for your migration, new emails will be migrated every three hours.


The sync stops after 3 days (24h license) or 10 days (subscription) or after you disable the sync for the individual migration.

Does MailJerry work with Gmail?

Yes, MailJerry is compatible with all Gmail accounts. However, you have to change your Gmail security settings to allow access to your account.


After you entered your credentials in the app, MailJerry will provide you with a simple step-by-step tutorial explaining how to change these settings.

My migration to or from a Gmail account is extremely slow. Is this normal?

When transferring large mailboxes, you might exceed the Gmail bandwith limits:
Downloads: 2500 MB per day
Uploads: 500 MB per day

In this case, your mail migration might become extremely slow or pause temporarily. Please do not stop the email migration if you encounter this issue. It is no problem at all if your migration runs longer than 24 hours.

While your email migration is running, you can use your mailboxes as usual. To migrate emails you received during the transfer, simply activate the mailbox sync in the MailJerry App.

For details about Gmail bandwith limitations, see

After the email migration, my Gmail accounts do not have the same file size. How is this possible?

When migrating email data from one Gmail account to another, the size of the mailboxes may vary after the migration is completed.
The size of your Gmail account results from your email data and various other data types (e.g. metadata, chat logs, hangout history ...). This data is added to the size of your mailbox, but not transferred.
Therefore, if the size of your mailboxes varies, there is no need to worry. In any case, your e-mail data will have been migrated to your new e-mail address.

After the email migration, the number of messages differs between Gmail and my other mailbox. What can I do?

The number of messages shown in your Gmail account may vary if one or both of your accounts group your emails by conversations. Please turn off the conversation view in Gmail to receive exact results.
By disabling the conversation view, Gmail will not group your messages by subject and shows  the exact number of messages.

Pricing & Plans

How much does my email migration cost?

You can migrate email addresses up to a data volume of 250 MB free of charge. For larger data volumes, you can choose between a one-time license (unlimited migrations for one day) or a monthly or annual subscription. You can find our prices here.

I would like to migrate email addresses once. Which license do I need?

In this case we recommend our 24h license. You can find an overview of our prices here.

I would like to migrate email addresses once for several days. Which license is the right one?

For the one-time migration of one or more mailboxes over a period of several days, we recommend our monthly subscription. You can cancel the subscription immediately after the purchase or the completion of the email transfer and only pay the monthly fee once. You can find an overview of our prices here.

I regularly migrate a lot of mailboxes. How can I save?

If you use the MailJerry email migration service frequently, we recommend our annual subscription. You benefit from the same advantages as when using the monthly subscription (unlimited data volume, unlimited transfers) and save compared to monthly payments. You can find an overview of our prices here.

Which subscription is best for me?

If you migrate individual mailboxes only once or rarely, we recommend our 24h license. With this you can migrate an e-mail address with unlimited data volume for a period of 24 hours.

If you want to migrate email addresses regularly or over a period of multiple days, our monthly subscription is a convenient and inexpensive solution. You only pay for one month in advance and can cancel the subscription at any time.

Professional users (e.g. IT technicians, IT administrators, providers) who want to use MailJerry regularly benefit from the discounted conditions of our annual subscription.

You can see the prices in detail here.

Do I have to buy a subscription?

Of course not. As an alternative to the subscription, you can also purchase a 24h license. With this you can transfer unlimited mailboxes with unlimited data volume for a period of 24 hours. You find an overview of our prices here.


License & Customer Account

I did not receive my license key!

After purchasing a license, your license key is sent to the email address you used to buy the license. In case you didn't receive the email containing the license key, please check your spam filter!


You can also access the license key in your  customer account. To log into your customer account, please use the credentials we've sent to you after registering with our service. In case you forgot your password, you can claim a new password here.


If you're still having trouble receiving your license key, please contact the MailJerry support.

Can I use my license on multiple devices?

Licenses for a one-time transfer (24h license) can be activated on one device (PC, Mac, Android or iOS smartphone).

Subscription licenses can be used on a maximum of 2 devices at the same time.

How do I access my customer account?

You can access your customer account at


To log into your customer account, please use the credentials we've sent to you after registering with our service. In case you forgot your password, you can claim a new password here.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time in the customer center. A cancellation is possible up to one day before the next renewal. If you deactivate your subscription in the customer center, your monthly or annual subscription will no longer be renewed in the future.

Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription by sending an email with your name and your chosen subscription to In order to prevent your subscription from being renewed, we must receive your cancellation 30 days before the next renewal.

What are the cancellation periods for subscriptions?

You can cancel your subscription in the customer center up to one day before the next renewal. Once your subscription is deactivated, there are no further costs.


Alternatively, we offer the option of canceling your subscription by email. In this case, we must receive your cancellation no later than 30 days before the next renewal.

Privacy & Security

Do you have access to my emails?

No, we copy your emails in encrypted batches, with means that we have only access to your email header, but no email content.

Do you store my access data?

Yes, we store the access data to your email accounts for the duration of your email migration. We do need to store your credentials to be able to reconnect with your mailbox in case your email server closed the connection and for syncing your emails after the migration.


Of course, the access data is encrypted and only readable for our email migration service. Our support team is not able to retrieve your password or access your email accounts. Your access data is deleted as soon as your migration including syncs has finished or after you deleted the migration in the email migration tool.

Do you store my emails?

No, we do not access any of the text content of your emails and do not store any email data.

Do you store my payment information?

No, we do not store any payment information on our serves, payments are carried out via, which is a PCI-compliant merchant service provider. Of course, all communication between our servers and is encrypted.

How secure is my data?

We take great measures to ensure that your data is 100% secure and your privacy protected at all times:

  • Your email data is retrieved through a fully encrypted connection.

  • Our servers and databases run on Amazon Web Service which provide an extra level of security.

  • All communication between your mailserver and MailJerry is protected and encrypted.

  • None of your email data will be altered or changed, we only transfer your data between your mailboxes.

  • We cannot read your data and do not store your emails at any given point.

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