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GoDaddy Email Migration: Migrate to / from GoDaddy

Email Migration to GoDaddy: Learn how to perform an email migration to GoDaddy in a few minutes. This simple tutorials also explains how to perform a GoDaddy email migration to another provider.

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Email Migration GoDaddy: Migrate Emails from / to GoDaddy

What to expect from this tutorial:

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to perform a GoDaddy email migration:
Learn how to migrate your emails from your existing account to GoDaddy or from your GoDaddy mailbox to another provider.

✅ no tech-knowledge required
✅ finished in minutes
✅ super-safe: no data loss or service interruption

What you’ll need for the GoDaddy Email Migration

To perform an email migration with GoDaddy, you only need three things:

  1.  the credentials (email address & password) for your GoDaddy mailbox
  2. the credentials for the other mailbox
  3. the free MailJerry Email Migration Tool (Download here)

Do I need to download & install the MailJerry Email Migration tool on my device?
No. If you do not wish to install MailJerry on your device, simply use the WebApp to perform your email migration to / from GoDaddy!

GoDaddy Email Migration – Choose Your Direction:

Email Migration GoDaddy:
Migrate Existing Emails to Your GoDaddy Account

To migrate your existing emails to your GoDaddy mailbox, perform the following steps:

Step 01: Open MailJerry and click on New Migration.

Step 02: Enter the credentials for both of your mailboxes as follows:

 Existing AddressNew Address
Usernameyour existing email addressyour GoDaddy email address
Passwordthe password for your existing mailboxyour GoDaddy password
Mailserverthe IMAP mail server address of your

Email Migration GoDaddy: Setup GoDaddy Migration
Example: Email Migration from Another Provider to GoDaddy

Step 03: Click on Check Settings.

The software will now connect with both of your accounts to make sure that all your emails can be migrated to GoDaddy.
After both accounts were connected successfully, you’ll be forwarded to the summary.

Step 04: On the summary page, activate the mailbox sync if you wish new emails to be automatically forwarded to your GoDaddy mailbox and click on Start Your Migration.

Step 05: Wait until your migration to GoDaddy is finished.

👍That’s it, you successfully performed your email migration to GoDaddy!

ℹ️ In case you encounter any issues, have a look at the troubleshooting section.

GoDaddy Email Migration:
Migrate from GoDaddy to Another Account

If you wish to migrate your emails from your existing GoDaddy mailbox to another provider or account, simply perform the following steps:

Step 01: Open MailJerry and select New Migration.

Step 02: Now enter the following credentials for your mailboxes:

 Existing AddressNew Address
Usernameyour GoDaddy email addressyour new email address
Passwordyour GoDaddy passwordthe password for your new email address
Mailserverimap.secureserver.netthe IMAP mail server address of your provider


Email Migration GoDaddy: Migrate Emails to GoDaddy
Example: Email Migration from GoDaddy to Another Provider

Step 03: Next, click on Check Settings.

MailJerry will now connect with your existing GoDaddy account and your new mailbox. After a connection to both accounts was established, the email migration tool will show you a summary of the planned migration.

Step 04: Activate the mailbox sync in case you want new emails that are received in your GoDaddy account to be automatically transferred to your new email address. Next, click on Start Your Migration.

Step 05: Wait a few minutes until your GoDaddy email migration to another provider is completed.

🎉 Done! You just migrated your emails from GoDaddy to a new provider, congratulations!

ℹ️ Encountering issues? Our troubleshooting section is here to help!

GoDaddy Email Migration:
Troubleshooting & Common Questions

Where do I find the mail server address for my provider?

➡️ Simply enter your email address in the field username. The MailJerry tool will automatically guess the correct mail server.

In case you cannot connect with your email account, google “[your provider name] imap server settings” to find the correct mail server address or ask your provider.

I’m migrating data from / to Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365 or Outlook!

➡️ For these providers, it might be necessary to setup your account before starting the email migration to or from GoDaddy.

But don’t worry, the MailJerry tool will show you step-by-step which actions need to be performed! Enter the email address for your account in the field username and you’ll be shown an easy-to-follow instruction.

How long does the GoDaddy email migration take?

➡️ The speed of the migration depends on the speed of your mail server and the GoDaddy mail server. Usually, GoDaddy does not throttle the data transmission, however, some providers – especially Gmail – do. Therefore, for large mailboxes, it might take some time until the GoDaddy email migration is completed.

This is absolutely nothing to worry about. You can simply shut down the software and check back some time later. The GoDaddy email migration will automatically be performed in the cloud, even if you shut down your computer.


"Thank you so much for providing such an amazing tool. I was looking into doing this with another software that would've taken me forever to learn and do but with MailJerry, my email migration was a lot easier!"

MailJerry Subscriber, USA

I’m encountering other issues and / or have more questions!

For common questions and further trouble shooting instructions, have a look at our FAQ section.

Furthermore, our Tips & Tricks contain helpful tutorials and resources.

➡️ In case you did not find the answer you were looking for in both resources, contact our support team.
They’ll be happy to assist you to perform your GoDaddy email migration!