Expert Solutions: Overcoming Common Problems When Migrating Emails for Your Clients

Don't let common email migration problems stress you out. MailJerry has you covered with solutions to the most frequently problems that occur when migrating emails for your clients!

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Migrating emails for clients can be a complex process, and it’s not uncommon for issues to arise. However, with the right tools and knowledge, you can easily navigate any problem!

In this article, we’ve compiled solutions to the most common questions we receive about email migration for clients. From dealing with password changes during migration to syncing newly added data, we’ve got you covered. And if you can’t find the answers you need, our support team is always ready to help. So let’s get started and make your email migration process as smooth as possible 🎉.

One of the new mailboxes already contains emails. What should I do?

You can proceed with the migration process without any worries. MailJerry ensures that none of your existing emails are deleted or modified during the migration.

Our email migration tool keeps you informed throughout the process because we want to ensure that you always have a clear understanding of what’s happening during the migration.

Should I halt the ongoing mailbox migrations if I discover that I have incorrect access credentials for one or more mailboxes?

No. After the ongoing migrations finished, activate mailbox sync and organise the correct access credentials. Now start migrating the missing mailboxes. The emails received in the finished mailboxes will be synced in the meantime. After all migrations finished, proceed as needed.

My client changed the password for one of the mailboxes during the migration. What should I do?

In case your client changes the password for a mailbox during the email migration, an error message will appear and the migration will stop with an error.

To resume the migration, obtain the new password from your client and start a fresh migration with the correct credentials. You don’t have to worry about duplicates or data chaos in the new mailbox as MailJerry only migrates data that is not already present in this mailbox.

My migration broke because the mail server was temporarily not available. What should I do?

MailJerry typically attempts to reconnect with a mail server if the connection is lost, so this situation should normally not occur. However, certain mail servers may be highly unstable, causing a prolonged inability to connect.

In such instances, activate the mailbox sync for these migrations. The app will make an automatic attempt to connect to the mail server every 3 hours and transfer any missing data.

What should I do if my client adds more data to their old mailbox after the email migration is completed?

Activate the mailbox sync or click on the “Sync Now” button for the corresponding migration. The additional data will be migrated to the new account.

I need to restart the migration. Do I have to delete the emails already migrated to the new mailbox?

No, you don’t have to clean the new mailbox before the restart. MailJerry’s duplicate detection ensures that previously migrated data is not migrated again, preventing duplicate emails or data chaos. Simply restart the migration, and the tool will pick up from where it left off.

How do I migrate emails to a custom domain if I don’t have access to the domains admin panel?

Perform the data migration as described in our tutorial. Once the migrations are done, enable the mailbox sync for all migrations, so data received in the old mailboxes is synced to the new accounts until the domain settings are changed.

Then, request your client to change the DNS / MX settings on your behalf. Typically, they’ll need to contact their domain admin or provide you with the contact details so you can reach out to the IT technician on their behalf. Use this email migration template ➡️

I migrated from a custom domain to the same custom domain. After changing the domains DNS settings, MailJerry cannot connect anymore!

This is not a problem. Since the DNS settings have been updated, all emails are now being delivered to the new address and there’s no need for MailJerry to connect to the old mailbox anymore. Your migration is complete, and you can safely delete the migrations.

In case there is data contained in the old mailboxes that still needs to be transferred to the new account, start a new migration for the same target and source mailbox. You will quite probably have to use an alternative mail server name for the existing mailbox. After starting the migration, the data not received in the new mailbox will be added, but no duplicates will be created!

Where can I receive assistance if my question has not been addressed here?

We provide a lot of different help resources to address frequent questions:

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