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Feedback & app reviews our customers sent us about using the MailJerry e mail migration tool to migrate their e mail accounts & mailboxes.


"Works like a charm! So I had an issue with my previous hosting and I had to transfer to another one, and basically I was too lazy to transfer email using my computer since I was configuring everything from my phone. I found this app and decided to give it a shot! Honestly it works perfectly… I did IMAP to IMAP migration and it transferred my emails… big thank you!"

MailJerry Customer, USA


"I recently purchased a monthly subscription for your service and am already migrating email accounts like a boss! So thank you for creating such an intuitive and easy to use platform. "

MailJerry Subscriber, UK


"I'm just writing to tell you that the program is wonderful. I have managed to do the entire migration in just over 2 days. More than 100 email accounts, some important.

I had the idea that this whole process would take me many days and I have been able to do it in just over 2.

The program is simple, clear and very powerful. It has been a discovery.

Thank you very much for your work and I will recommend you wherever I am asked or where I have the opportunity.

MailJerry Subscriber, Spain


"Your support has been really great and I really appreciate it!"

Chris, New Zealand


"A very big thank you for your email which made me very happy. I really find it very nice and professional to have taken this time. The quality of your after-sales service and your responsiveness have shown me that I was right to trust in your product."

MailJerry Customer, France


"This note expresses my thanks for my discovery and use of MailJerry, since becoming a customer nearly one month ago. Like many faced with an old ad-based, free E-mail account that was regularly bombarding me with advertising or ad-free premium upgrade promotions, I had to leave that noisy neighborhood. Then came the sobering question of what will I do to take my E-mail with me?

A lengthy web search for the answer found simple and costly solutions, simple and inadequate solutions, complicated, un-assured free solutions, but not one matched your MailJerry in price fairness, simplicity and assurance.

MailJerry successfully transferred all my E-mails across a number of accounts and the added 10-day automatic sync feature left me free to proceed worry-free without wondering if everything would be transferred."

MailJerry Customer, USA


"I just subscribed to MailJerry. Looks like a wonderful program."

MailJerry Subscriber, USA

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