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Feedback & app reviews our customers sent us about using the MailJerry e mail migration tool to migrate their e mail accounts & mailboxes.


"I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for providing such a fantastic tool. We recently signed up for MailJerry and have been thoroughly impressed with its features and functionality.

The ease of use and efficiency of your email transfer service have already made a significant difference in our workflow. We are delighted to have found a solution that simplifies and streamlines our email management."

MailJerry Customer, USA


"I recently purchased a monthly subscription for your service and am already migrating email accounts like a boss! So thank you for creating such an intuitive and easy to use platform. "

MailJerry Subscriber, UK


"I'm just writing to tell you that the program is wonderful. I have managed to do the entire migration in just over 2 days. More than 100 email accounts, some important.

I had the idea that this whole process would take me many days and I have been able to do it in just over 2.

The program is simple, clear and very powerful. It has been a discovery.

Thank you very much for your work and I will recommend you wherever I am asked or where I have the opportunity.

MailJerry Subscriber, Spain


"I've setup a new migration and that did the job flawlessly. MX-records have been setup and customer happy. Thanks for your help and I'm looking forward to using MailJerry again! "

MailJerry Subscriber, Netherlands


"A very big thank you for your email which made me very happy. I really find it very nice and professional to have taken this time. The quality of your after-sales service and your responsiveness have shown me that I was right to trust in your product."

MailJerry Customer, France


"My mailbox migration is complete and it is commendable that MailJerry outperformed all the migration softwares in the market including Google's own which was really pathetic."

MailJerry Subscriber, Oman


"Thank you so much for providing such an amazing tool. I was looking into doing this with another software that would've taken me forever to learn and do but with MailJerry, my email migration was a lot easier!"

MailJerry Subscriber, USA


"Works like a charm! So I had an issue with my previous hosting and I had to transfer to another one, and basically I was too lazy to transfer email using my computer since I was configuring everything from my phone. I found this app and decided to give it a shot! Honestly it works perfectly… I did IMAP to IMAP migration and it transferred my emails… big thank you!"

MailJerry Customer, USA


"I am so looking forward to telling everyone I know about your wonderful system. I know many people who don't change to another email platform because they are very extremely scared a about the migration. With MailJerry, that fear is unfounded."

MailJerry Client, Honduras


"This note expresses my thanks for my discovery and use of MailJerry, since becoming a customer nearly one month ago. Like many faced with an old ad-based, free E-mail account that was regularly bombarding me with advertising or ad-free premium upgrade promotions, I had to leave that noisy neighborhood. Then came the sobering question of what will I do to take my E-mail with me?

A lengthy web search for the answer found simple and costly solutions, simple and inadequate solutions, complicated, un-assured free solutions, but not one matched your MailJerry in price fairness, simplicity and assurance.

MailJerry successfully transferred all my E-mails across a number of accounts and the added 10-day automatic sync feature left me free to proceed worry-free without wondering if everything would be transferred."

MailJerry Customer, USA


"I found the service fantastic though, nothing at all bad to say - worked perfectly. And will certainly recommend it, and also use this in the future if I have to transfer more e-mail accounts. Thank you."

MailJerry Subscriber, USA


"You have made a tremendous (and common sense) app!"

Russell, USA


"Must say this is a great product. I was struggling to do email transfers manually and then stumbled across this, which does exactly what is needed."

Sean, South Africa


"Awesome App. The best of the best. Mail Jerry is the best email migration tool I found on internet. I had tried various options. But this one is the best, from UI/UX to the Migration and work done.

Keep on with the excellent work!"

MailJerry Subscriber, Paraguay


"First of all congratulations for the app. Good work. It works flawlessly."

MailJerry Subscriber, Portugal


"I would highly recommend your product which gave us the assurance that all email migration can be done in easy way like a no brainer "

MailJerry Subscriber, Philippines


"Wow I am amazed by your tool. Simple, fast and clear. If I had known about this offer earlier, I would have saved myself some nerves and gray hair :). I will continue to use it!"

MailJerry Subscriber, Switzerland


"Your support has been really great and I really appreciate it!"

Chris, New Zealand

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