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Version 2.2.2 | Release Notes

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MailJerry Mail Migration Tool V 2.2.2

New Features:
Backup Mode:
  • Permanently backup your emails into another mailbox.
  • Sync your account daily, weekly or monthly without time limitations.

➑️ With the backup mode, all your emails are automatically copied to your backup email account!

Ignore Bandwidth Limits:

  • Ignore the bandwidth limits of certain providers
  • Enjoy an even faster & smoother email migration.

MailJerry Mail Migration Tool V 2.1.0

New Features:
Brand-new workflow for Microsoft / Office 365 accounts:
  • Easily authenticate with your Microsoft / Office 365 account via oAuth2.
  • No app password required
  • Works with all Microsoft accounts!

Conventient Presets for Gmail & Yahoo

  • No mailserver address required
  • Simply enter your credentials and start your migration

MailJerry Mail Migration Tool V 2.0.1

New Feature:
  • Connect to your Gmail account via app password

MailJerry Mail Migration Tool V 2.0.0

New Mail Migration Report:
Detailed summary of your mail migration containing all relevant parameters.
  • Number of migrated emails
  • Number of skipped emails that were already contained in the target mailbox
  • Number of emails that were rejected by the mailserver
  • Error log for rejected emails that allows you or your provider to replicate and resolve the problem
Advanced Mailbox Synchronization:
Faster and smoother mailbox synchronization to keep mailboxes synced after the mail migration with detailed report.
  • Mailboxes can be synced any time using the β€žSync nowβ€œ feature
  • Summary of all synchronizations
  • Start and end date of the last sync
  • Number of synced emails
  • Number of rejected emails with error log

Advanced error detection:
In case problems with one or both mail servers occur during the mail migration or a sync, the mail migration tool now reports the cause of the problem and provides advice on how to resolve the issue.

  • Evaluation of the error messages sent by the source or target server
  • Added solutions to resolve server errors
  • Failed migrations can be re-started through the Re-Sync feature
  • Remaining time is available during the mail migration
  • Added optional Port-Settings to connect with a mailserver
  • Switch between various SSL-Encryption methods if necessary
  • Mail migrations can be started, even if the target server provides wrong quotas
  • Improved performance: Faster connection to and data collection from the involved mailboxes
  • Show mail migrations on up to 2 devices (License Key required)

MailJerry Mail Migration Tool V 1.0.6

  • Refresh button to update the mailbox data in the mail migration summary
  • Advanced mailserver validation
  • Added hints when entering the mailserver
  • Improved display of mail migrations in the transfer list on the iPad
  • General optimizations & bugfixes

MailJerry Mail Migration Tool V 1.0.5

  • Run multiple mail migrations simultaneously
  • View the details of your running mail migration
  • Optimization for Gmail Accounts
  • Better error messages & instructions for Gmail users

MailJerry Mail Migration Tool V 1.0.3

  • Migrate email data from and to IMAP accounts
  • Migrate exchange accounts
  • Migrate of emails and folders
  • Email sync after the mail migration
  • Duplicate prevention
  • Mailbox health check before every mail migration