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In April 2021, we released MailJerry, an easy and reliable cloud email migration tool. One year later, MailJerry has successfully migrated over 65,000 mailboxes to a new hosting provider or into a new mailbox. Nowadays, MailJerry executes about 180 migrations per day.

Therefore, we are proud to release version 2.0 of our cloud email migration tool. It includes lots of new features and optimisations that are mostly based on the generous feedback and encouragement of our loyal customers.

Join in on a quick tour through the new features of MailJerry 2.0!

MailJerry Webapp: Online Email Migration in the Web Browser

Are you tired of downloading apps? Or on the go and just want to quickly check in on how your email migration is doing? With the MailJerry Webapp, you can now access your email migrations directly from the browser!

How to: Cloud email migration via the MailJerry webapp

Go to and add your license key in order to see all your migrations or start a new one. It’s as simple as that :).

Check it out and start your free email migration now!

“Sync Now”-Button

Since MailJerry 1.0, the autosync feature is available for all customers with a single license or monthly or yearly subscription. When activating the autosync, our cloud email migration tool will sync your mailboxes automatically every three hours.

In Version 2.0, we took this feature a step further: Via the “Sync Now” button, all license customers are now able to sync their mailboxes immediately. 🎉

Advantages for your email migration:

Through the “Sync Now” button, you are now in even greater control of your mailbox migration. For example, you are able to plan DNS changes of your domain more precisely and ensure that no email data is missing when migration mailboxes.

Estimated Mailbox Migration Duration

Know exactly how long it takes to migrate your emails

The duration of your email migration heavily depends on the performance of your mailservers. While MailJerry is able to handle huge amounts of data within short time, there are unfortunately some email providers that limit the data amount that can be received or send.

In fact, we had customers for whom it took several days to migrate their large mailboxes, simply because the source server limited the data that could be fetched within a minute (talking about you, Google Gmail Team :wink:).

Therefore, we started to calculate the estimated duration of your mailbox migration and added this information to the transfer details. The estimated mailbox duration allows you to better plan your email migration and to know when you will be done.

New Summary of your Email Migration

MailJerry 1.0 started with a very sleek and minimalistic email migration summary that just showed the key data. Over the course of the subsequent versions, we added more information until it, well, got a little confusing for our customers and, admittedly, even for us. 🙈

Therefore, we started a thorough cleanup and completely redesigned the migration summary:

The email migration summary now contains:

  • the amount of migrated emails
  • the amount of emails that were skipped, because they are already contained in your target mailbox
  • the amount of migrated folders
  • the data amount that was migrated to your new mailbox
  • the exact date when your email migration was finished
  • a summary of your email synchronisations (when the last sync was started, when it was finished and how many emails were migrated)

Furthermore, there is a detailed error report informing you about all emails that could not be migrated due to restrictions of your target server.

The redesign was mostly based on the numerous customer feedback we received, so a big shout out and thank you to everyone who helped us improve our cloud email migration software! 💙

Remote Access to your Email Migration from any Device

Many MailJerry customers work remotely, use multiple office locations or are constantly on the go. In MailJerry 1.0, the status of your email migration could only be checked on the device where it was started, as all data was stored there. This architecture came in handy for privacy reasons, but turned out to be kind of inconvenient for our customers. Therefore, tada…

Access your email migrations from any device!

All users with a MailJerry license are now able to access their email migrations from anywhere. Just download our email migration software for Windows, Mac OS, iOS or Android or go to the MailJerry Webapp – Cloud Email Migration Tool, enter your license key, et voilà, all your email migrations are available!

Of course, when implementing this feature, we went not one, but a few extra miles and implemented extensive security features.
Thus, your data is super-safe safe and MailJerry still complies with all GDPR requirements.

Try it – it’s like magic!

Advanced Mailbox Settings

Connecting with your source and target server is one of the most crucial tasks when it comes to email migration. Because, as you might know: When a server says no to your credentials, there’s no email migration going on…

Out of the box, MailJerry automatically tests all known IMAP ports and encryption types and discovers the right settings for the provided mailserver. Which works in 99,9% of the time. But what about the remaining 0,01%?

Stubborn Mailservers, connection refused and other fun stuff when migrating emails

Over the course of the last year, we encountered some really stubborn mail servers, exotic connection requirements and servers that seemed to have a life of their own. However, we are happy to report that we cracked every single one of them, in most cases thanks to the patience and thorough error description of our customers.

We implemented the accumulated knowledge of one year of email migration into our mailbox connection algorithms so that in most cases, it’s sufficient to simply add the username and password of your mailboxes and you’re good to go. 🚀

And for mailservers with really special requirements, you can now enter your server ports and encryption method directly in the MailJerry user interface.

Still can’t connect it – send it to our support!
We’re looking forward to overcoming your connection issues as well :).

Faster Mailbox Check – Because Email Migration Speed Matters

In version 2.0 of our cloud email migration tool, we did a thorough cleanup and invested significant time into performance optimization. Since we can’t influence the speed of your mailserver, we decided to at least make our email migration software as fast as possible.

One of the results: The credentials for your email migration are now checked and evaluated in no time.
Don’t believe us? Download the MailJerry email migration tool and try it yourself:

Detailed Error Log

It happens to the best: Sometimes, a few emails just can’t be migrated to their new destination. And as annoying as this fact is for us, there might be good reasons why some emails are rejected by your new mailserver.

Reasons your email is rejected by your mailserver:

  • Your email is corrupt. Which means broken. And broken stuff shouldn’t (and can’t) be moved to the new house.
  • Maximum email size exceeded: Remember this one email you got a few years ago, containing a huge attachment? Well, some email server simply can’t swallow that much data as maximum email size restrictions apply.
  • Source mailserver says no: Sometimes, your source email server is down, not reachable, does not want to provide the requested data or simply is in a bad mood (ok, the latter does not really happen). Anyways, sometimes, an email simply can’t be fetched from your source server because, well, the source server says no.

Our solution for your email migration problems:

Because of all this eventualities, we added a detailed error log informing you not only about the amount of failed messages, but also which messages resulted in an error.

Furthermore, we included the error response we received from your mail server, which helps you to resolve the issue or at least send an error report to your hosting provider.

Sounds cool, but we’ve just brought an issue to your attention you didn’t want to know about?
No worries, 99% of our customers never encounter these problems. :wink:

Improved Error Reporting

As you might have guessed by now, some IMAP email servers are not very reliable. That’s why you probably decided to switch to a new provider in the first place, right? Well friends, in this case, your problems are our problems.

Although we are able to solve most issues that may occur during a mailbox migration automatically, sometimes, even we are lost and you need to lend us a helping hand.

Reasons, why your email migration might fail temporarily:

  • Some email providers block our IP address after some time and therefore, MailJerry is not allowed to connect with your account anymore. (Shame on them!)
  • Your mail server takes a break, a.k.a is offline.
  • Your domain got a little confused as there are issues with your DNS settings that need to be resolved.

Sounds scary, huh? Don’t worry! We can’t fix these issues ourselves as they require action from you, but we can provide you with detailed step by step instructions on what to do next. And that’s exactly what MailJerry Version 2.0 does. :wink:

Summary: Email Migration for everyone!

Since you’re still with us (thank you for taking the time to read all this), we again would like to thank everyone who used MailJerry in the past year, helped us improving our software and encouraged us in our quest to provide a fast, easy and reliable email migration tool for everyone!

Your feature request: Miss something in our email migration tool?

Is there anything you’re missing, a feature you are longing for or simply something you would like to tell us? Send us an email!

And in case you’re curious right now and would like to try MailJerry, head over to our download page and start your free migration your check out our new webapp!

All the best and happy email migration!
Your MailJerry team