Afrihost Email Settings: How to Set Up Your Afrihost Email

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Afrihost Email Settings: IMAP, POP3 & SMTP
Last verified: Feb 2024

Afrihost: How to Find the Right Email Settings

Afrihost is a South African Internet Service Provider that offers a broad range of webhosting services, including email. In the past years, Afrihost has won numerous awards for its Fire and ADSL services, as well as for its high-end customer care.

If you're one of the millions happy Afrihost email customers, you sometimes might need to find the correct Afrihost email settings. Scroll down to find the correct settings, but before you do so, learn how to find your Afrihost server name:


How to Find Your Afrihost Server Name:

To find the name of your email server, do as follows:

  1. Log in to the Afrihost Client Zone.
  2. Select the tab Hosting.
  3. Select your domain name.
  4. Scroll down to Account Overview. There, you'll see your Afrihost server name.



Afrihost Email Setup Wit the Latest Afrihost Email Settings

Do you wish to add your Afrihost email address to your email client? Or do you want to transfer your emails from your current email provider to Afrihost (or vice versa)? With latest Afrihost IMAP settings, you can easily achieve your goal!


Afrihost Email Settings: IMAP for Incoming Emails

For incoming emails or an email transfer, use the following IMAP settings:

IMAP ServerYour server name (see above)
IMAP Port993
IMAP SecuritySSL
Username Your Afrihost email address
Password Your Afrihost password


Afrihost Email Settings: SMTP for Outgoing Emails

In order to be able to send emails from your email address, add the following Afrihost SMTP settings:

SMTP Port465
SMTP SecuritySSL
Username Your Afrihost email address
Password Your Afrihost password


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POP3 instead of IMAP: Afrihost Settings

In case you choose POP3 over IMAP to set up your Afrihost email account in your email client, ensure to utilize the following settings for POP3:

POP ServerYour server name (see above)
POP Port465
POP SecuritySSL
Username Your Afrihost email address
Password Your Afrihost password


POP3 or IMAP: What should I use for my Afrihost email?

With IMAP, any changes made to your emails (reading, deleting…) are synchronized across all devices you use to access your email. On the other hand, POP reflects changes only on the device where you initially downloaded the messages. Consider your needs and preferences to determine which protocol suits you best when adding your Afrihost email settings to your clients.

In general, it's advisable to choose IMAP over POP as it allows you to access the same emails on multiple devices.If you prioritize storage conservation for a large mailbox, POP is the preferable option. With POP, emails are downloaded to your device, freeing up storage space in your mailbox.


Email Migration To / From Afrihost:

Need to migrate your emails to Afrihost or from Afrihost to another provider? That's luckily a very easy process. All you need is a reliable migration tool like MailJerry and your Afrihost email account credentials. So let's get started!

➡️ Download our email migrator or start your migration directly in the browser.

➡️ Launch MailJerry and select "New Migration".

➡️ Select the account type and fill in the email credentials for your existing email account in the "Existing Address" fields.

➡️ In the "New Address" section, input the IMAP settings for your new email account (e.g., the Afrihost email settings provided above).

➡️ Begin your migration by clicking on "Start Migration."

Wait for the email migration from / to Afrihost to complete.
🎉 Congratulations! You can now access your previous emails in your new email account!