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Need to migrate emails and don't know how? With MailJerry, you don't have to be an IT expert. Our email migration tool takes care of all your emails and migrates them securely to their new destination!

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The Email Migration Tool

Your go-to email migrator for mail migration & mailbox migrations.

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Migrating your emails to a new email address or changing the mail provider can be a challenging task. MailJerry helps you to migrate your emails to a new account. No chaos with multiple email addresses in your mail program, lost data or undeliverable emails.

MailJerry reliably migrates all your emails to their new destination:
✅  Unlimited email accounts & data volume
✅  Migrates emails, folders, drafts, sent objects…
✅  Mailbox sync
✅  Backup mode

Lean back and enjoy a smooth mail migration with MailJerry – the email migration tool.

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Email Migration Tool Features

The most conventient way for your mail migration: Enjoy the handy features of our cloud email migrator!

Email Migrator: Migration Done

The MailJerry email migrator is your go-to tool for all your mail migrations. With a lot of convenient features, you can perform your mail migration in no time!

You are performing mail migrations for yourself, your company or your clients? Our email migrator offers a lot of features to facilitate your work:

  • Run unlimited migrations simultaneously! *
  • No data restrictions – especially conventient for large mailboxes. *
  • Easy to use: Instantly start your mail migrations.
  • Monitor all migrations at one glance: Intuitive overview with status & progress information.


Connect your mailboxes in no time:

Features like mailserver suggestions, advanced mailbox settings, mailbox health check and mailbox trouble shooting help you to get set up in seconds. Learn more…


Fully automated mail migration:

Run your mail migrations while you’re asleep! Comprehensive status infos, auto-reconnet, migration planning and advanced data management algorithems handle your mail migrations fully automatically. Learn more…


Keep your mailboxes synced:

With our mailbox sync and auto synchronization, your mailboxes stay up to date after the mail migration. Even, if new emails are still received in your old account. Learn more…

No need to download the email data to your computer

You don't need a fast or stable internet connection

Your data is directly migrated between your email accounts.

No need to keep MailJerry or your computer running during the migration.

No need to download the email data to your computer

You don't need a fast or stable internet connection

Your data is directly migrated between your email accounts.

No need to keep MailJerry or your computer running during the migration.

Advantages of our email migration tool:

Perform mail migrations in a breeze!

Easily migrate emails to a new account and automatically synchronize mailboxes with the MailJerry email migrator.

Email Sync

After the mail migration, MailJerry keeps your accounts synchronized. *

Emails & Folders

Our email migration tool migrates all your emails and folders, including drafts & sent objects!

No Duplicates

MailJerry checks if your new mail account already contains data & prevents duplicates.

Health Check

MailJerry ensures, that your new mailbox is ready to receive all your emails.

100% Secure

Your emails are strictly private! MailJerry does not read or store any personal data.


The email migration tool recognizes the settings of the mail server automatically, no information on port & server settings is required.

maildata transfer to new account settings

* Not available in the free version.

Fast, secure, reliable email migration tool with data encrypten so your emails remain completely private.

No data chaos in case your mailserver is down: MailJerry automatically resumes your migration in case something goes wrong.

Syncs automatically, no emails are left in your old account.


The MailJerry Email Migration Tool Works With All Major Providers, Mail Clients & all IMAP Accounts

With the MailJerry mailbox migration tool, you can easily migrate your mails to a new provider. You don’t know the address of your mail server or your email port? Be it Comcat, Cpanel, Amazon Simple Email, Godaddy or many more, MailJerry comes with an enormous range of provider presets and facilitates your mail migration.

transfer emails from or to Google GMail
Google GMail

Email migration tool to or from GMail.

transfer emails to or fromMicrosoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook

Migrate mail accounts to or from outlook

transfer mailboxes to or from Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 365 *

Mail Migration to or from Office 365

transfer emails from or to yahoo mail
Yahoo Mail

Migrate emails to or from yahoo! mail

transfer mailbox to or from exchange account like Microsoft Exchange

Migrate your exchange accounts (Microsoft, Cross Forest…)

migrate mailboxes to or from Apple Mail or iCloud
Apple iCloud

Migrate mail acounts to or from iCloud & Apple Mail

transfer emails from to to IMAP email boxes & IMAP accounts
IMAP Email Accounts

Email Migration tool for all IMAP mailboxes & IMAP accounts

transfer emails from to to gmx mail accounts

Mail migration service to or from your GMX account

* Only accounts with enabled basic-auth.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Feedback from our customers about our email migration software


"My mailbox migration is complete and it is commendable that MailJerry outperformed all the migration softwares in the market including Google's own which was really pathetic.

MailJerry Subscriber, Oman


"Awesome App. The best of the best. Mail Jerry is the best email migration tool I found on internet. I had tried various options. But this one is the best, from UI/UX to the Migration and work done.

Keep on with the excellent work!"

MailJerry Subscriber, Paraguay


"Thank you so much for providing such an amazing tool. I was looking into doing this with another software that would've taken me forever to learn and do but with MailJerry, my email migration was a lot easier!"

MailJerry Subscriber, USA

Risk free: Money-back Guarantee

Test the paid email migrator services for large mailboxes risk-free

Email Migrator Free Tool – Money Back Guarantee

Are you unsure whether the MailJerry email migrator meets your requirements and works with your provider or for your mailbox?

Thanks to our money-back guarantee, you can use the MailJerry email migration tool risk-free. After purchasing a 24-hour license or a subscription, you can easily claim your money back in case you are not satisfied with our software.

The MailJerry money-back guarantee is valid for all customers who have purchased a paid license: Send a quick email to our support team and we will refund the corresponding amount. Of course, you don’t have to give a reason, even though we’d love to hear your opinion or feedback.

Were we able to convince you? Then acquire one of our unlimited licenses risk-free!


Free email migration tool

With MailJerry you can securely migrate your emails to a new address or a new provider. Our email migration tool facilitates a quick, uncomplicated and reliable mail migration.

Download the MailJerry mail migration tool for iOS, Android, Windows or Mac OS and start your free mail migration!